The Aikido Lifecycle

Each traveller, how independant he or she may be, occasionally needs a guide.

A guide is someone who travelled along the Path before you and therefore can help you along this Path. If you are receptive to this guide's advise.

Thanks to these guides your journey becomes easier, safer, more interesting however not always shorter...

Good guides give an added value to this temporary cooperation..

A nice description for Aikido - Way of Life is this one:

· He who is standing at the bottom of the waterfall and still has to start the climb, may have doubt if it is possible to climb to the top..

· Sugano Shihan stood there on the top for us during many years, making us realize that reaching the top is possible. Encouraging us, by his example, in difficult times ..

· Now he has continued and has dropped out of sight..

· However we remember he was there, we still see his shadow. So we know we can get there..

· And fortunately there are already some of us who have progressed further along this Path and who can serve as guides for the others.. helping us in times of doubt about how to proceed..