Aikido Inside Club Environment

Ten Chi no Dojo 's club environment is

Sporthal Neptunus - Botestraat 100 - 9032 Wondelgem.

Where we are part of Martial Arts School Bushido-Kwai Wondelgem.



20.30u - 22.00hr

15.35u - 17.45hr

Adults (new members welcome throughout the year)

- juniors from 12-13 jaar to seniors

- men and women,

- sportive youngsters and

- recreative training less youngsters..


14.00u - 15.30u

Youth (new members welcome throughout the year)

- boys and girls, ages between 6 to 13 years young

- adults participating as initial steps into the art or for other reasons (e.g. revalidation after injury, ... ).

- parents or family members participating to assist a youth member.

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