Dojo’ 道場: translated; “the location where one learns the Way”

A dojo is a practise area. Traditionally a dojo was a place where people came together to meditate, to pray. What is important for us to remember, is that a dojo is a place where people come together to work on themselves, on their personal development. This happens in a group environment. Thanks to this group the individual development is made possible. The dojo is therefore more than just getting on tatami once or twice a week. We are 1 group, a strong attached group where the one can count on the other. Where the one wil help the other.

In the same spirit everyone helps the dojo "to stay alive". Wherever you can, advertise.. Talk about your passion, do not hide your enthousiasm..   

"Infect" others with that enthousiasm so they too can become part of the dojo.