My Name Is...


合気会 合気道 天地 の 道場


Applicably translated this gives "fresh mountain air", just like after a storm when a new, fresh wind comes down from the mountains.


The following characteristics could be applicable to this kanji name:

- to go for it, to renew, to change, ...

- going through the storm in order to clean up things, to commit,..

- and so on...


Is this applicable to me? Wel, get to know me better and you'll find out ;-)

Hello, my name is Alain.

In japanese language my name is Aran


Japanese don't use the same alphabet as we do. For simple phonetic translation of non-Japanese names they use the Katakana alphabet. My Katakana name is: ア ラ ン


Kanji are signs that have meaning, so not just phonetic translation. The Art is to find a Kanji-name that sounds like your name but at least also has a logical content. And the ultimate goal is to have a content that is applicable to you as a person, describing some of your characteristics, ...


Finding such a Kanji name is for us very difficult, maybe even impossible. Ultimately I was given the following kanji name..

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